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Hi, I'm Faith

The story-teller and photographer behind PrettylilTraveler! PrettylilTraveler was designed as a space to embrace the outdoors, share experiences and help people discover new destinations in the U.S. and around the world. How? First by taking my community on the adventure with me. I introduce them to unique travel destinations while helping companies create long-term, emotional brand connections through my photography, blogging, and social media.

Featured Brands

When you partner with PrettylilTraveler, you'll get more than just beautiful content.

PrettylilTraveler will act as an extension of your company, continuously sharing positive feedback and always keeping an ear out for people looking for a brand like yours. Since I only work with brands and individuals whose mission statements align with mine, you'll have guaranteed brand protection. The companies that I work with are brands that; circulate positivity, bridge cultures, inspire adventure, create beauty, get people outdoors, empower women, are eco-friendly, or just simply about enjoying life!

What I Offer


At PrettylilTraveler, we love working with tourist companies to showcase the experience behind the company. Check out some of our work with BUSABOUT!

Beautiful Accommodations

We work with gorgeous vacation destinations to showcase their stays with branded photography that can be used for gorgeous social media feeds, and other marketing campaigns!

Custom Experiences

Need something else? Go ahead and ask! We love photographing custom experiences to showcase new adventures for our clients!

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