Sedona – A Guide to the Ultimate Girl’s Getaway

I’ve got the lowdown on why Sedona, Arizona needs to be your squad’s next epic getaway spot!

Recently, I traveled to Sedona for a wild weekend with the Los Angeles Women of Wellness. Picture this: 11 awesome ladies, two talented photographers (including yours truly, of course), and three days jam-packed with nature, jaw-dropping views, heart-pounding hikes, deep journaling sessions, tasty grub, endless laughs, and some serious healing vibes.

For all you LA peeps itching to join a rad social crew focused on health, wellness, and hiking, check out the link here.

Why Sedona?

Sedona’s got it all, seriously. From epic hikes and hot air balloon rides to scrumptious eats, relaxing spas, and vibrant nightlife โ€“ it’s the ultimate girls’ getaway spot. And the best part? It’s super close to Phoenix, Flagstaff, and even the Grand Canyon so you can squeeze in even more adventures if you’re feeling extra bold. You can also check out the nearby Mesa, Arizona which is also a fantastic outdoor destination for a girl’s getaway!

Sedona is rich in culture and aesthetics. It is probably one of the prettiest natural landscapes in the United States, plus it’s known all around the world as a place that harvests spiritual and healing energy.ย 

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ Phoenix to Sedona

Arrive to Phoenix airport, grab your rental car, and start the drive to Sedona! The drive will take about two hours, so have your favorite playlist or podcast and the aux cord on deck. Check in to your rental or hotel, freshen up, and head out for some authentic Mexican food at 89agave.

What To Do in Sedona

My Sedona Group Trip Hiking Suggestions

For all you first-timers in Sedona, let me dish out some must-do hikes that not only offer Instagram-worthy spots but are also just the right level of fun and challenge without being too exhausting. Here’s the scoop on how to tackle them in order.

Cathedral Rock For Sunrise

First up, catch the sunrise at Cathedral Rock. It’s a bit of a scramble with a vertical incline, making it quite the challenge, but trust me, it’s worth it. Hiking in the dark somehow adds to the peaceful vibe, and the shorter trail means you don’t have to rise at the crack of dawn. Once you’re at the top, get ready for awe-inspiring views as the sun bathes the canyon in a golden glow.ย 

If you continue left on the trail, you’ll stumble upon the lesser-known masculine vortex, which really comes alive during sunrise.ย 

Plus, since it’s a popular spot, there’s a good chance you’ll have it to yourselves. The only downside to sunrise? The glow at the cathedral itself might take a bit longer to fully light up.

Sunrise just past the top of the Cathedral at the (masculine) vortex. Photos captured by Ara Moses, @decatpure on a previous trip. 

If sunrise is going to be a little too taxing for your group, or if you have other plans – sunset is a great alternative. Get there before the start of sunset and stay until the sun goes out of the Cathedral so you can witness all of the colors the amphitheater takes on while you’re up there.ย 

Sunset at Cathedral Rock of the Los Angeles Women of Wellness. Photos captured by Jacquelyn Nytes, @jacquelynnytes.

Devil's Bridge - Sunrise or Sunset

Next on the list is Devil’s Bridge, perfect for either sunrise or sunset. It’s a bit longer, so set those alarms early if you’re aiming for sunrise. Personally, I find the glow equally enchanting at both times.

Sunrise of the Los Angeles Women of Wellness at Devil’s Bridge. Photos captured by Jacquelyn Nytes, @jacquelynnytes.

Devil’s Bridge is maybe the most “iconic photo spot” in Sedona, so chances are, you are going to have to get in line at the bridge to capture a photo (which is normal).ย 

You’ll also want to make sure your group has the hiking essentials to complete these hikes safely. This includes; plenty of water, sunscreen, headlights, shoes with good grip, an outer layer for when the sun is down, and some way to track your hike, such as AllTrails.ย 

Mid-Day Hikes

For mid-day adventures, hit up Boynton Canyon, the Birthing Cave, and Solider’s Pass to Hidden Cave. Each of these has its unique pros. If you are heading to the Subway Cave in Boynton Canyon, do your research ahead of time, because the “subway” is actually off-trail, so you’ll need to follow some sort of navigation. Or you can grab my Google Map of Arizona which has all of the top hikes, including the best photo spots with GPS locations and directions!ย 

Photo 1) Boynton Canyon, Photo 2) Birthing Cave, Photo 3) Secret Cave on the Solider’s Pass Trail

Another mid-day activity is to drive up the 89A and hike the West Fork trail. It’s a hidden gem that many overlook, but trust me, it’s worth it. Plus, it’s cooler and mostly shaded, making it ideal for warmer months.

West Fork Trail, about 6 miles in. Photos captured by Ara Moses, @decatpure on a previous trip.ย 

If this isn’t your group’s first time in Sedona, you might want to take a look at my full Sedona hiking guide to explore some other incredible hikes to add to your itinerary.

Other Ways To Explore Sedona

Not up for hitting the trails? No worries, there are plenty of other ways to dive into Sedona’s vibes!ย 

Jump on a Jeep tour and let the experts navigate while you soak in all of Sedona’s epic views. These tours cover popular trails and off-road routes you might not dare to venture alone.

For those craving some serious elevation, consider checking out Sedona Hot Air Balloons! These sunrise rides offer an hour or so of soaring above the stunning landscapes of Sedona. Depending on wind conditions, flight time can vary, but plan for a total experience of about 3 to 4 hours.

Or, why not take things up a notch with a helicopter ride over Sedona? Get ready to witness hidden canyon gems and explore Sedona from a whole new perspective with your crew. It’s a ride you won’t soon forget!

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Visit The Vortexes

And after a day of exploring, why not elevate your squad’s vibes at the vortexes? Because, let’s be real, us ladies could all use a little more soulful connection… and maybe a sprinkle of cosmic energy too, just saying.

During our group trip, the Los Angeles WOW did a focused journaling session at the Airport Mesa, and it truly took the trip to the next level letting the group experience connections to their natural, spiritual and emotion self.ย 

The Los Angeles Women of Wellness at the vortexes at Airport Mesa. Photos captured by Jacquelyn Nytes, @jacquelynnytes.

The Sedona Food Scene

Now, onto the culinary sceneโ€”prepare your taste buds for a wild ride!

During the day when you’re not out exploring, head to D.A. Ranch Winery or the Valley Verde Winey for a serene afternoon. Enjoy expansive views and the captivating Sedona sunset while sipping on a glass of red. Live music adds to the laid-back ambiance.

For dinner, head down to Cress on Oak Creek Lโ€™Auberge Sedona, where dining by a meandering creek immerses you in Sedona’s natural beauty.

Other great dinner options that are some of my favs are The Hudson, Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill, Butterfly Burger, Shorebird Sedona, and Elote.

Photos captured by Jacquelyn Nytes, @jacquelynnytes.

Sedona Arts and Culture

This vibrant small town of Sedona boasts a thriving arts community, where you can explore galleries, indulge in spa treatments, and shop for unique treasures.

Where To Stay in Sedona

Sedona is the perfect place for soaking up the sun and lounging with your besties.

We chose to stay at Sedona Family Vacations rental because we wanted a unique space close to the trails where we could all spend quality time together. We loved that this space offered everything we were looking for, plus so much more and the host Yiyi was very kind and easy to work with!ย 

If you want to book a stay at a resort instead, Enchantment Resort in Boynton Canyon, provides a relaxing home base, access to many nearby hiking trails, and a stunning Spa, and is the quintessential Sedona resort.ย 

Or you can check out other VBRO properties and resorts using my map below.ย 

Trust me, this trip will be one for the book!

PrettylilArizona - Downloadable Google Map

What You'll Find Inside

PrettylilArizona is my downloadable Google map of the most incredible places to visit around the beautiful state of Arizona!

Let’s be honest; no one has the time to spend reading blog after blog and scrolling through Instagram to land in these locations. Skip the scrolling and start living. Once you download my PrettylilArizona map or any other Google Maps, you’ll add the freedom to get in your car and go.

Get access to some of the best that Sedona has to offer, and discover a waterfall that literally looks like it’s raining chocolate. Explore my favorite photography spots, and escape to the places you never even knew existed – right at your fingertips. Travel through all three of Arizona’s National Parks with pre-pinned campgrounds, trails, and more.

I’ve spent countless hours researching and tracking all my stops around Arizona. I’ve vetted the best destinations and most instagrammable photo options for you to take with you on your travels. These are the maps that I use for all of my road trip planning.ย 

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