Is Page, Arizona the best small town for outdoor adventure?!

After soaking in the vibes around this incredible town, I gotta say, Page, Arizona is a total gem. It’s like the ultimate lakeside escape with endless stuff to do – Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, and Horseshoe Bend, just a few. It’s also super close to Coyote Buttes and truthfully, not too far away from Kanab and Zion National Park. Plus, not to mention a ton of hiking trails, dispersed camping, sightseeing, and outdoor adventures. Let’s talk about this adrenaline junkie’s paradise.

Fun fact: Page is one of the youngest towns in the US. Built in ’57 for the Glen Canyon Dam crew, it’s grown into this buzzing hub for over 4 million visitors annually. Sure, there’s plenty of eats and sleeps in town, and the luxe Amangiri is a real standout. But venture out, and you’ll find the real wild-west vibes. It’s all about community here. If you are visiting, just note that there are scarce resources and limited access to hospitals outside the city limits. And while the small town is growing, it has it’s limits. 

Unveiling Page, Arizona: A Gateway to Navajo Nation Adventure

While Page may seem like just another picturesque town, its history and proximity to the Navajo Nation add layers of intrigue and adventure to your visit.

Back in 1958, Page was legally part of the Navajo Nation until a land exchange took place during the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam. Today, the Navajo people remain a significant presence in the area, with their reservation spanning over 16 million acres across Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. While much of the Navajo Nation is off-limits to outsiders without invitation, this restriction only adds to the allure of its untouched beauty.

Although accessing the Navajo land may pose challenges due to legal restrictions and changing regulations, don’t let that dampen your spirits. Guided tours offer a glimpse into this breathtaking landscape, with iconic destinations like Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon showcasing the Navajo Nation’s natural splendor.

Page, AZ caters to adventurers of all stripes, whether you’re craving a leisurely lakeside retreat or an adrenaline-fueled escapade. Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, there’s something for everyone in this enchanting town. 

Here are some incredible experience to add to your Page bucket-list:

Stand Near The Edge At Horseshoe Bend

In Page, Arizona, a visit to the iconic Horseshoe Bend is an absolute must-do. This breathtaking overlook offers a jaw-dropping view that has captivated millions with its stunning beauty. 

Located just a short 6-minute drive from town off route 89, Horseshoe Bend boasts a mesmerizing horseshoe shape, with crystal blue waters meandering through a deep red-hued canyon. This natural wonder skyrocketed to fame in recent years, thanks to countless awe-inspiring photos flooding social media platforms.

What you need to know:

Horseshoe Bend Trail: For an up-close encounter with the stunning Horseshoe Bend, just follow the well-marked trail to the overlook. The trail is about 1.5 miles roundtrip and +137ft elevation gain. 

Parking: There’s a pretty spacious parking lot, but you will have to pay a fee. Be prepared as it fills up fast, especially during sunset hours.

Restrooms: Convenient restroom facilities are located right in the parking area.

Best Time for Photography: Sunset is the ultimate jackpot for capturing the perfect shot. However, be sure to arrive early as the sun sets sooner behind the canyon walls.

Crowds: No need to stress about crowds here! With plenty of space on the rocks, you can snag your spot, snap some photos, and soak in the magic of Horseshoe Bend hassle-free.

Exploring Antelope Canyon

Prepare for an epic journey into the heart of Antelope Canyon, where you’ll be greeted by a spectacle unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Carved by the elements over centuries, this natural marvel boasts spellbinding vistas and mesmerizing landscapes that defy imagination.

Exploring Antelope Canyon is an adventure like no other, with guided tours available through handpicked Navajo-run companies. These tours grant access to exclusive areas of both Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyons, ensuring an immersive experience. I’ve listed a few below, but feel free to shop around and find which tour works for you! If you are trying to decide between the Upper and the Lower Canyon, I’ve heard the Upper is slightly better for photography, while Lower is a little cheaper. 

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Did you know there was another way to enter Antelope Canyon from Lake Powell, without going through a tour?

Alternatively, thrill-seekers can embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure by paddling or boating up the canyon inlet from the serene waters of Lake Powell. 

To kick off your Antelope Canyon adventure, head over to Antelope Point Marina, your go-to spot for renting kayaks or stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) right on-site. If you’re bringing your own board, launch from the Antelope Point Launch Ramp for a quicker journey. Expect to spend about an hour and a half to two hours paddling upstream, immersing yourself in the Lake Powell vibe as you paddle up Antelope Creek

Paddling through the turquoise waters, flanked by majestic canyon walls, is a sight to behold. Boat’s won’t be able to get into the inlet, so if you do come on boat, you’ll need to dock and paddle in. 

Once you reach the sandy shoreline, you can leave your board there, and head into the red rock walls that scream Antelope Canyon.

What to check before paddling Antelope Creek:

  • Keep an eye on weather conditions, especially wind, as it can affect currents and paddling.
  • Pack plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Start your adventure early in the morning to allow enough time for paddling, exploration, and return before sunset.
  • Be aware that currents may strengthen as the sun sets.
  • Check rental equipment return times to avoid late fees.
  • Consider essential gear for the excursion.

Rent A Boat And Get Lost On Lake Powell

With 2,000 miles of shoreline and 186 miles long, Lake Powell will have you going “oooh” and “ahhhh” for days. The best way to see Lake Powell is definitely on a boat. There are plenty of rental options to choose from, including large houseboats to small watercraft.

Go Off-Roading Jeep Tours

When it comes to exploring the rugged wilderness of Page, hopping into a fully equipped Jeep is the ultimate adventure. With Big Orange Jeeps, you can embark on thrilling tours to uncover both popular and hidden treasures scattered across the Glen Canyon area. We rode with them to see the  nearby Page hoodoo, skylight arch, but there’s plenty of other adventures they can take you on including Alstrom Point and Buckskin Gulch.

Hike Into Coyote Buttes

Have you heard about Coyote Buttes? Just a quick 30-minute drive from Page, Arizona, this hidden gem boasts some of the most jaw-dropping landscapes in the entire Southwest, and dare we say, the whole USA! Head down Route 89 towards Kanab, and keep your eyes peeled for the turn-off to House Rock Valley Road. Get ready for an epic journey that will leave you speechless!

What to discover down House Rock Valley Road:

Along House Rock Valley Road, you’ll discover access points to iconic spots like The Wave (don’t forget your lottery permits!), White Pockets, and Buckskin Gulch, among others. But before you rev up your engines, a quick travel tip: make sure you’re rolling in a 4-wheel, high-clearance vehicle. The terrain here is no joke, with clay and deep sand making it a challenge for anything less. If you’re aiming for Wire Pass trailhead (the starting point for Wire Pass/Buckskin Gulch hike and The Wave), you might just make it in a 2-wheel drive ride.


Now, let’s talk permits. To snag a spot at The Wave, you’ll need to enter the lottery (check out my US Wilderness Permits guide for the inside scoop). And don’t forget, permits are also required for Coyote Buttes South. Head over to Recreation.gov for all the deets you need to plan your epic adventure!

Get Reconnected With Nature

If you are looking for a truly unique experience while in Page, check out Monumental Meditation. They offer sunset workshops and can even custom-tailor experiences focused on connecting with nature and disconnecting from the daily stresses of life. They feature mindful walks, yoga, reiki, and meditation – all in sacred and spiritual natural locations near Page.

If you are looking to connect to the natural world around you and meet some genuinely kind people along the way, this is the way to do it in Page. The workshops include a dark sky journey with even an optional astrophotography workshop where they provide you with a camera, lens, tripod, and helpful instruction to get the perfect capture of dark night skies of Page. 

Image by: @guttystudios

Explore "The Chains"

Don’t let the name “The Chains” fool you, this is simply a walking area near the lake with some pretty epic views of the dam. With that being said, The Chains were one of my favorite random stops while at Lake Powell. The sandstone formations mimic areas like the popular “Wave” trail, and standing next to the enchanting blue water was the perfect way to watch the sun close down the day.

Set Up Camp At Lone Rock

Nothing beats a campfire by the shoreline! It’s helpful to know that Lake Powell offers both campgrounds and free dispersed camping along the shorelines. Our favorite drive-up campground that we found was at Lone Rock, only a short 15 minutes up the road from the town of Page. With plenty of spaces, near and off the shore, this place knows how to party. It’s also a great launchpad for kayaking and SUPing on the water.


When searching for accommodations around Page, don’t expect luxury amenities, but you’ll find plenty of options to make your stay in Page everything you desire and more.

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