I think we can all agree that Los Angeles is known for having some of “the best” – the best restaurants, the best beaches, the best parties, and also home to some of the best hiking. With hundreds of hiking trails to choose from in and around Los Angeles, you won’t have a hard time finding a trail with all of the best things: excitement, endurance, and of course, views. I recently asked the LA Ladies – Hiking, Fitness & Wellness group to recommend their favorite hikes in Los Angeles. The list ranges from the Los Angeles Classics to Fun Trails to Hike with Friends, Booty Burners, and of course, SoCal‘s Six-Pack of Peaks taking you through the highest peaks in Southern California, challenging the most adventurous hikers to build their endurance in preparation for California’s highest peak, Mount Whitney.

AllTrails is a fantastic resource, but there is nothing like getting personal recommendations from the ladies who know it best. And yes, of course, there are plenty more trails to add to the list, but here are a few of our favorites to get you started!


Los Angeles Classics

The Hollywood Sign Hike

A Los Angeles hiking list wouldn’t be complete without a few of the classics, and what screams LA more than hiking up to the Hollywood sign. While there are multiple routes to get you in front, to the side, and behind the Hollywood sign, theWisdom Tree, Cahuenga Peak, and Mount Lee Summit Loop trail is definitely my favorite way to make the climb.

TRAIL: Wisdom Tree, Cahuenga Peak, and Mount Lee Summit Loop
LOCATION: Los Angeles, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.1321,-118.33784
MILES: 3.9 miles RT
ELEVATION: +1,407 ft Elevation Gain

Runyon Canyon

TRAIL: Runyon Canyon Trail
LOCATION: West Hollywood, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.10533,-118.34905
MILES: 2.7 miles RT
ELEVATION: +748 ft Elevation Gain

Temescal Canyon

TRAIL: Temescal Canyon Trail
LOCATION: Pacific Palisades, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.0867315,-118.6109973
MILES: 4 miles RT
ELEVATION: +928 ft Elevation Gain

Get your blood pumping by hiking the full 14-mile Temescal Canyon Will Rogers Loop Trail.

Solstice Canyon Loop

TRAIL: Solstice Canyon Loop
LOCATION: Malibu, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.0378,-118.7475
MILES: 3 miles RT
ELEVATION: +669 ft Elevation Gain

Sandstone Peak

TRAIL: Sandstone Peak
LOCATION: Malibu, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.11158,-118.92676
MILES: 3 miles RT
ELEVATION: +997 ft Elevation Gain

You can also continue on if you are looking for a more intense workout to the Backbone Trail to Sandstone Peak and Mishe Mokwa Trail Loop.

Culver City Stairs

TRAIL: Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook and the Culver City Steps
LOCATION: Culver City, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.02043,-118.38242
MILES: 1.3 miles RT
ELEVATION: +334 ft Elevation Gain

Ascot Hills Trail

TRAIL: Ascot Hills Trail
LOCATION: Near Downtown LA, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.07016,-118.18956
MILES: 2.2 miles RT
ELEVATION: +574 ft Elevation Gain

Fun Trails To Hike With Friends

Fryman Canyon Trail

TRAIL: Fryman Canyon Trail
LOCATION: Studio City, California,GPS COORDINATES: 34.13317,-118.39165
MILES: 2.6 miles RT
ELEVATION: +456 ft Elevation Gain

Eaton Canyon

TRAIL: Eaton Canyon Trail
LOCATION: Altadena, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.17621,-118.09841
MILES: 4.4 miles RT
ELEVATION: +521 ft Elevation Gain

Los Leones Trail

TRAIL: Los Leones Trail
LOCATION: Pacific Palisades, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.04721,-118.56002
MILES: 4.4 miles RT
ELEVATION: +1,190 ft Elevation Gain

North Bane Ridge Trail

TRAIL: North Bane Ridge Trail to Sidewinder Loop
LOCATION: Chino Hills, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.053172,-118.1888584
MILES: 6.2 miles RT
ELEVATION: +918 ft Elevation Gain

Top Of the World

TRAIL: Top of the World via Canyon Acres Trail
LOCATION: Laguna Beach, California, GPS COORDINATES: 33.55295,-117.76777
MILES: 2.4 miles RT
ELEVATION: +862 ft Elevation Gain

Canyonback Nike Loop

TRAIL: Canyonback Nike Loop
LOCATION: Encino, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.12817,-118.50272
MILES: 6 miles RT
ELEVATION: +1,184 ft Elevation Gain

Switzer Falls

TRAIL: Switzer Falls via Gabrielino Trail
LOCATION: Angeles Crest Scenic Byway, GPS COORDINATES: 4.2160077,-118.2272022
MILES: 3.6 miles RT
ELEVATION: +695 ft Elevation Gain

Fern Canyon Trail

TRAIL: Fern Canyon Trail
LOCATION: Los Angeles, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.1315,-118.28309
MILES: 3.3 miles RT
ELEVATION: +620 ft Elevation Gain

La Canada Teepee via Crosstown Trail

TRAIL: La Canada Teepee via Crosstown Trail
LOCATION: La Canada Flintridge, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.1818586,-118.1980759
MILES: 2.7 miles RT
ELEVATION: +1,312 ft Elevation Gain

Adventure Pass is Required

The La Canada TeePee Via Crosstown Trial will have your adrenaline pumping as you climb over 1,300ft into the San Gabriel Mountains. This popular trail is perfect for runners, hikers, and for grabbing those epic views of DTLA, Burbank, and on a clear day, even the ocean. Although the hike is strenuous, you will be rewarded with breathtaking 360-views, lavender fields, and of course, the teepee. This trail begins in the foothills of the Angeles Crest Mountains in a small residential area. Parking is limited, and you do need an adventure pass to hike this trail.

Circle X Ranch

TRAIL: Grotto Trail
LOCATION: Malibu, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.11004,-118.93735
MILES: 2.5 miles RT
ELEVATION: +561 ft Elevation Gain

Vasquez Rocks

TRAIL: Vasquez Rocks Trail
LOCATION: Agua Dulce, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.48868,-118.32168
MILES: 2.7miles
ELEVATION: +311 ft Elevation Gain

Booty Burners

Bridge to Nowhere

TRAIL: Bridge to Nowhere via East Fork Trail
LOCATION: Mount Baldy, California,GPS COORDINATES: 34.23696,-117.76546
MILES: 9.5 miles RT
ELEVATION: +1,246 ft Elevation Gain

Mount Disappointment

TRAIL: Mount Disappointment and San Gabriel Peak
LOCATION: Angeles Crest Scenic Byway,GPS COORDINATES: 34.25449,-118.10205
MILES: 4.4 miles RT
ELEVATION: +1,578 ft Elevation Gain

Adventure Pass is Required

Jones Peak

TRAIL: Jones Peak Loop
LOCATION: Sierra Madre, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.16951,-118.04921
MILES: 5.3 miles RT
ELEVATION: +2,513 ft Elevation Gain

Adventure Pass is Required

La Tuna Canyon Trail

TRAIL: La Tuna Canyon Trail to Verdugo Crest Trail Loop
LOCATION: Sun Valley, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.23316,-118.31181
MILES: 6.7 miles RT
ELEVATION: +1,833 ft

Strawberry Peak

TRAIL: Via Redbox Canyon
LOCATION: Angeles Crest Scenic Byway, California; GPS COORDINATES: 34.25884,-118.10434
MILES: 7.2 miles RT
ELEVATION: +1,788 ft Elevation Gain

Adventure Pass is Required

TRAIL: Via Colby Canyon
LOCATION: Angeles Crest Scenic Byway, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.26962,-118.14071
MILES: 6.7 mile RT
ELEVATION: +2,736 ft Elevation Gain

Adventure Pass is Required

Mount Zion Loop

TRAIL: Mount Zion Loop Sturtevant to Winter Creek Trails
LOCATION: Sierra Madre, California; GPS COORDINATES: 34.1953,-118.02246
MILES: 9.3 miles RT
ELEVATION: +2,339 ft Elevation Gain

Adventure Pass is Required

Inspiration Point

TRAIL: Inspiration Point Loop
LOCATION: Altadena, California, GPS COORDINATES: 34.204,-118.13042
MILES: 10 miles RT
ELEVATION: +2,746 ft Elevation Gain

If you’re not keen to hike the full 10 miles, you can end your journey at Echo Mountain, 5.4 miles RT. Echo Mountain follows the same trail as Inspiration Point, and you still are rewarded with great views and an intense workout.

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SoCal's Six Pack Of Peaks

The Six-Pack of Peaks is well-known to California locals’ as the training checklist to prepare for Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the contiguous U.S. There are multiple routes to hike up to each of the six peaks ranging from different milage to elevation and even the starting points. You should do your own research before attempting any of these hikes and make sure that you are physically prepared for the elevation gain and possible elevation sicknesses.

Mount Wilson

DISTANCE: 14miles
ELEVATION: +4,200ft Elevation Gain

Cucamonga Peak

DISTANCE: 12 miles
ELEVATION GAIN: +4,300ft Elevation Gain

Mount Baldy

DISTANCE: 10miles
ELEVATION: +3,900ft

San Bernardino Peak

DISTANCE: 17 miles
ELEVATION: +4,702ft Elevation Gain
RECOMMENDED TRAIL: San Bernardino Peak

Mount San Jacinto

DISTANCE: 12 miles RT
ELEVATION: +4,689ft Elevation Gain

Mount Gorgonio Peak

DISTANCE: 18 miles RT
ELEVATION: +5,840ft Elevation Gain

Climbing Mount Whitney - The Highest Peak In The Contagious US

Mount Whitney

Do you need to complete the six-pack of peaks to train for Mount Whitney? Absolutely not. Most adventure lovers choose to do the six-pack for the community, endurance, and of course, bragging rights. You can definitely complete Mount Whitney without any serious training, but Mount Whitney is tough. If you are lucky enough to grab permits to complete this incredible hike, just remember to take your time and really prepare for it, especially how you’re going to combat the elevation change. Elevation sickness is the #1 reason that hikers are not able to summit.

2021 was my first time summiting Mount Whitney. We backpacked in 3-days to break up the grueling +6,646ft elevation gain by climbing ~2,000ft/day. Although the hike was extremely difficult, it was one of the most rewarding experiences and one of my favorite hikes to date.

TRAIL: Mount Whitney Trail
LOCATION: Lone Pine, California, GPS COORDINATES: 36.58691,-118.24024
MILES: 20.9 miles RT
ELEVATION: +6,646 ft Elevation Gain

Share your personal favorites in the comments below, and come say hi on my socials: PrettylilTraveler <3



Happy Hiking.

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