New England Fall Foliage Road Trip

Niagara FallsActivity: Check into Hotel, shoot Falls at Hotel and at night. Sleep in Niagara Falls @The Embassy Suites Letchworth State ParkDuration: 1.45 hrsActivity: Hike to Upper Falls, The Gorge Trail To Taughannock Falls (Largest in the Eastern US)Duration: 2.5 hrsActivity: Taughannock Falls via Gorge Trail, 1.8miles to lower falls.Activity: North Rim to get a […]

How to Plan Your Perfect Trip, Without Missing a Spot

So you’re thinking about planning a trip? Yay, this should be fun. The first thing you need to know is that there is a wealth of information available to help you start your planning. This can be both exciting and intimidating. But hey, you’re not in it alone! For whatever type of trip you’re planning, […]