New England Fall Foliage Road Trip

Niagara FallsActivity: Check into Hotel, shoot Falls at Hotel and at night. Sleep in Niagara Falls @The Embassy Suites Letchworth State ParkDuration: 1.45 hrsActivity: Hike to Upper Falls, The Gorge Trail To Taughannock Falls (Largest in the Eastern US)Duration: 2.5 hrsActivity: Taughannock Falls via Gorge Trail, 1.8miles to lower falls.Activity: North Rim to get a […]

Exploring Petrified Forest National Park

Tiponi Point: Located right past the Visitor Center Entrance, this will be your first views at the amazing painted desert and also allows for walking trails to get deep into those hills. Newspaper Rock: Over 600 petroglyphs made by the Peubloan people cover the rocks in this area. The Tepees Painted Rim Trail: This is […]

Exploring White Sands National Park

White Sands National Park has easily worked its way to the top of my favorite U.S. National Park’s list, and there’s a reason why. The minute you see the cotton candy skies or sled down one of the +200ft slopes, you’ll definitely agree. BUT with everything, there are some features you should know about the park before you go.

Discover LA’s Best Hikes

With hundreds of hiking trails to choose from, in and around Los Angeles, you won’t have a hard time finding a trail with all of the best things; excitement, endurance, and of course, views. I asked the LA Ladies – Hiking, Fitness & Wellness group to recommend their favorite hikes in Los Angeles, ranging from the Los Angeles Classics, to Fun Trails to Hike with Friends, Booty Burners, and of course SoCal’s 6 Pack of Peaks taking you to the highest six peaks in Southern California, challenging the most adventurous hikers build their endurance in preparation to summit California’s highest peak Mount Whitney.